Friday, November 26, 2010

Bollywood or a Torture ??

The Bollywood is always one step ahead in making fun of ones handicap and most of the time
stammering was used for cheep humor and just to make people laugh without any reason.
If we see in some bollywood movies that were released recently, the main character was
playing the role of a stammerer and stammering was shown in a normal way and not for cheep
laughs. Few movies like "Ajab prem ki gazab kahani", "Kaminey","Jootha hi sahi" etc have shown stammering in a positive or rather normal way.

After watching these movies I thought that bollywood has now grown up and is taking each
and every aspect whether is a Handicap or a particular community etc very seriously and with atmost care.

But the recent release of Rohit Sheety, "Golmaal 3", was once again a shock to me and many
stammerers across India. It has made fun of stammer to such an extent that even a mature guy
who understands this handicap would start laughing and making fun if he/she comes across a stammerer in real life. They dont even know how it feels to be on the other side. Ask a stammerer who has to go through all this everyday. Accepting cheep laughs is way to far and not acceptable to any person who has a handicap.

But TISA filed a case in the court against them and they got the answer from TISA. You can see the result of this brave step by TISA on the below given link :


Yesterday we had an interview with a reporter from the "Times of India". She came to our work
place and we shared all our experiences with her and also raised this point. Our article
will be now published in the Sunday times in Mumbai and I am very eager to read what she
finally writes about this. Lets wait and see. If you want to read about this meeting with the reporter in detail then you can click the link of TISA blog given below :-



sachin said...

Yes, Manpreet. We must talk and tell- that it hurts. It hurts children even more. It affects such children for ever..They become shy, withdrawn, start to lag behind in studies.. Whole life can be ruined- just so that some people can laugh and some can rake in crores..

sachin said...

GM 3 is not made by Abbas Tyrewala.. It is Dhillin Mehta and some Shetty..I think

Manpreet said...

Ya sorry... Its Rohit Sheety. I'll change it. Thanks sir

Anusha said...

Hi Manpreet,Thanks for this blog from you,well i ve a doubt,in many of ur conversation u ve said stammering as handicap,but this speaking disorder doesnt come under handicap i guess,if not pls correct me.

Manpreet said...

Hi Anusha,

In most countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc., stammering is considered as a disability.